Cherry Capital Airport introduces new security technology


New airport technology is being rolled out across the county. Cherry Capital Airport in Traverse City is one of those ports where new security machines have been installed.

This new credential authentication technology makes flyers no longer subject to visual inspection by document inspectors. Instead, you will hand over your ID. It will then be inserted into the machine, verifying and confirming that you are going to fly out that day.

These new machines allow flyers to move through security lines faster and add an extra layer of security by ensuring no fraudulent documents are used for travel.

“We no longer have any human error because we know the ID is good, it’s not fraudulent, it’s about the person who gave it to us,” said Jessica Mailer, a TSA regional spokeswoman. A huge improvement and I think a safer experience for passengers.

In addition to this new technology, TSA recommends that travelers also take a TSA pre-check to ensure a quick and safe experience.

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