Cary Lake reiterates her pro-life, Arizona abortion law unclear

Phoenix (3TV/CBS 5) — With early voting less than two weeks away, Arizona’s abortion ban is a key issue for voters and candidates. In the gubernatorial race, Democrat Katie Hobbs said she would work to give women another access to abortion. Meanwhile, Republican Cary Lake said she was pro-life. With two competing laws on the books in our state, the Arizona family is trying to better understand which law Laker supports.

The first, dating back to the 1800s, banned all abortions unless the mother’s life was in danger. The second was passed earlier this year. It banned abortion after 15 weeks and became law on Saturday. “There’s a lot of confusion, I’m not even sure where it is now, I’m working on it,” Lake said.

Arizona’s family asked her if she supported the prestate law. “I support saving as many lives as possible. What I really want to know is, I’ve been waiting, I’ve been listening to you guys, and I want to know where Katie Hobbs is standing,” Lake explained.

Hobbs held a news conference on Saturday. “We deserve the health care to which we are entitled, as well as access to safe, legal abortions,” she said.

Meanwhile, on the Hobbs side, the state confirmed a $300,000 payment to Talonya Adams on Thursday. The former policy adviser sued the state Senate twice and won. African-American Adams said she was a victim of racial and sexism. Adams argued that she was fired when she said she was paid less than her white male colleagues.

Then-Senate Minority Leader Hobbs has apologized. “Thanks to Katie Hobbs, we started paying the settlement today,” Lake said. When answering questions from reporters, Adams tweeted She did not receive a check from the state government.

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