Business buzz: Colorado tops state for business, liquor laws

Ryan Frazier and Ed Sealover analyze Denver’s most and least economically competitive ways, business confidence levels, and alcohol-focused voting programs.

Denver— Denver business magazine and TV partner 9News Partnership to create “Business Buzz” A series of video conversations about some of the biggest issues in business and how they affect employers and people living in the Denver area.

Ryan Frazier and Ed Sealover break down the Denver region’s most and least economically competitive ways in the latest issue of “Business Buzz,” while they also discuss declining levels of business confidence and three issues that use alcohol as a Focused voting program.

This is the third episode of a new show paired by Frazier, owner of ESG and management consulting firm Frazier Global and 9NEWS business expert on the station’s weekly “Business Briefing” section, paired with Denver Business Journal’s senior reporter Sealover. In each episode, the pair break down several business themes in detail and dissect how they affect the wider population of the metro area.

It follows the Denver Metropolitan Economic Development Corporation. Site Selector Conference, professionals who help companies relocate and expand, provided their assessments of Denver, Fraser and Silver, discussing the pros and cons of the area. The conversation relied heavily on CNBC’s “Best States for Business” rankings, in which the Denver area scored well for labor but low on cost of living and cost of doing business.

The pair then discussed the recent University of Colorado Boulder Leeds School of Business Confidence Index, which shows that company owners are very concerned about lower sales and profits due to inflation and rising interest rates. Frazier and Sealover analyzed how this interacts with employers’ continued efforts to find workers and assess what that might mean for employment and other factors, as economists believe the U.S. is edging closer to a recession.

Finally, in this episode on business and political interactions, the pair discuss three ballot measures that would allow all grocery and convenience stores to sell wine, allow third-party delivery of alcohol, and allow existing liquor stores to expand. Those issues pit most liquor store owners in the state against grocers, Instacart and a large out-of-state company — Total Wine & More — and raise questions about small businesses versus national chains and consumer convenience versus long-term regulation.

Stay tuned for more “Business Buzz” episodes. Full episodes are available on the DBJ website and 9NEWS+.

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