Blotters: Police investigate after Pike Street business reports damage

Police are investigating damage to a business found on Pike Street in Mattituck last Monday. A patrol officer found a shattered window, a broken sprinkler and a piece of metal outside the front door, along with a brick on the floor of the store. The owner said six bottles of wine were also taken from the store.

• An 86-year-old East Marion woman told police last Monday that she received a letter from the state Department of Revenue and Treasury saying she owes the state $899.94 in unemployment benefits. The woman told the state agency she never applied for unemployment benefits. She was told to monitor her financial accounts.

• Last Tuesday, a 23-year-old Hampton Bays woman told police she was the victim of a rental scam. She said she wired $3,500 to a bank, believing it was for rental properties in Southold and Cutchogue. She visited both addresses and found no cottages for rent. Both addresses were given to her via text messages from an unknown person. An investigation is underway.

• A woman Mattituck told police last Tuesday that she was the victim of a scam and that she received an email purporting to be from PayPal that her account had been charged a fraudulent $2,445, along with an email that could The phone number to dial. When she called the number, she was told $24,445 had been wrongly credited to her account and she was asked to wire the difference. When the bank couldn’t wire the funds, she sent the money by mail. The woman’s husband told her that she had been deceived. The investigation continues.

• Thomas Smith, 60, of Greenport, was arrested last Wednesday for violating a valid protection order filed by a Greenport woman. gentlemen. Smith was arrested and taken to headquarters for processing.

• Last Wednesday, a 57-year-old Southold man was arrested after he was observed urinating in a rubbish bin near the Southold Free Library. A police officer approached the man, who refused to show any identification and pushed the officer. He was arrested.

Those named in the police report have not been convicted of any crime or offence. The charges against them may later be reduced or dropped, or they may be acquitted.

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