Automation Anywhere and Humanitarian Technology Center launch ‘Telegram for Humanity’ bot to help refugees in Ukraine

Relief group automates humanitarian work for thousands of families Ukraine Save hundreds of hours of manual processing time per week

Nipro, Ukraine and New York, October 4 April 2022 /PRNewswire/ — at Imagine 2022, Automation Anywhere, Inc., the global leader in cloud-native intelligent automation, today announced a partnership with the Center for Humanitarian Technology (CFHT), a nonprofit organization that provides technology and operational solutions to humanitarian organizations. Automation Anywhere and CFHT together enable more IDPs and refugees to live in Ukraine.

Working together, Automation Anywhere and CFHT have created the “Telegram for Humanity” bot — a custom software robot or digital worker — for the Ukrainian humanitarian organization Step with Hope (Крок з надийю), which sends weekly donations to more than 8,000 combatants Families Provide Assistance to Southern Regions and Recently Released Territories Ukraine.

The “Telegram for Humanity” bot is automating thousands of manual assistance requests with greater speed and accuracy, saving organizations nearly 200 hours of manual processing time per week. This is expected to free up time for Step with Hope’s 96 volunteers at 20 centres to increase their efforts to provide direct assistance to refugees, providing food, hygiene products and working with psychologists, lawyers and children to those in need. Links to benefits specialists.

“The members of our volunteer team are refugees themselves, and the ability to help other Ukrainians is our top priority,” said Alasemenchuk, Director of Operations at CFHT. “Finding and managing the allocation of necessary resources for refugees and IDPs is a vital and challenging task. The custom robots built by Automation Anywhere and CFHT for Step with Hope are both refugee and volunteer friendly – It makes application processing fast and transparent, saving manpower and strengthening organizational structures.”

As part of its social impact program, Automation Anywhere’s mission is to advance the future of work by empowering nonprofits and enhancing human lives through automation technology.

“Technology is human empowerment,” he said. Nitishukla, Social Impact Officer and Co-Founder, Automation Anywhere. “Partnering with the CFHT, we are proud to support this humanitarian work with life-saving technologies that can make a difference for the millions of Ukrainians displaced by the conflict.”

“CFHT and Automation Anywhere have teamed up to build a custom robot for Step with Hope, which allows us to provide humanitarian assistance to more internally displaced people. UkraineSay Inna Campon, director of Step with Hope. “Our volunteers and the families we serve are enduring the unimaginable. Having a responsive, user-friendly robot to interact with vulnerable families requesting help allows volunteers to use more of their precious time to provide direct support, while at the same time Spend less time processing and manually validating requests.”

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About the Humanitarian Technology Center

The Humanitarian Technology Center is a nonprofit organization that leverages the power of volunteer engineering, technology, and operations experts to optimize humanitarian organizations. CFHT develops, deploys and operates information and communications technologies to support scalable humanitarian emergency relief efforts.For more information about CFHT or to learn how to become a partner or donor, visit www.cfht.orgcontact CFHT [email protected]or follow CFHT on LinkedIn, TwitterInstagram or Facebook.

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