Annie Sacoolas pleads guilty to killing Harry Dunn by careless driving UK News

A former US spy has pleaded guilty to causing Harry Dunn’s death by careless driving, following a three-year justice campaign by the teenager’s family.

Annie SacoolasThe 45-year-old appeared at Old Bailey in London. She made the request via a video link from Washington.

Harry’s parents Charlotte Charles and Tim Dunn put their heads in their hands as she pleaded.

Ms. Charles She told Sky News she felt “completely relieved” after seeing Sacoolas in court.

“I think that’s an overwhelming feeling… We can lift our heads up and say Harry, we’ve done it, we’ve done what we promised, and it’s a relief.”

Prosecutor Duncan Atkinson KC said the request had been officially accepted.

About 20 members of Harry Dunn’s family watched the guilty plea.

The fatal collision occurred in August 2019 when Sacoolas rammed Harry outside RAF Croughton, a US military and intelligence base in Northamptonshire.

The 19-year-old man, who was riding a motorcycle, suffered multiple injuries and later died in hospital.

No power to force Sacoolas back

Judge Mrs Cheema-Grubb urged Sacoolas to come to the UK to deliver the sentence in person, but admitted she had no power to compel her.

Harry’s mother says she “certainly” wants Anne Sacoolas to return to the UK for her sentencing hearing.

The judge reminded the court that the case involved the “sudden and unexpected” death of a young man three years ago, adding: “Appearing in court will provide important evidence of true remorse.”

The defendant admitted she understood this after Judge Cheema-Grubb also imposed a temporary driving ban and ordered the preparation of a pre-sentence report.

Wearing a white shirt and black hair tied back, Sacoolas appeared calm throughout the hearing.

She only briefly appeared flustered when she falsely pleaded not guilty to the lesser charge, then quickly corrected herself.

Sentencing will take place in Old Bailey the week of November 28.

(L to R) Harry Dunn, 19, Tim Dunn (father), stepmother Tracey Dunn, Charlotte Charles Charles (mother) and stepfather Bruce Charles' parents left Westminster Magistrate's Court, US citizen Anne Sacoolas, 45, has been granted unconditional bail for a trial in Old Bailey on October 27.She will face criminal proceedings alleging Mr Dunn died of dangerous driving when his motorcycle crashed into his car outside the US military base RAF Croughton
(L to R) Parents of Harry Dunn, 19, Tim Dunn (father) stepmother Tracy Dunn, Charlotte Charles (mother) and stepfather Bruce Charles leave Westminster Special District Court

Ex-spy gets diplomatic immunity

Sacoolas, who admitted to driving on the wrong road, left the UK 19 days after the incident after the US government asserted diplomatic immunity on her behalf.

She was initially described as the diplomat’s wife, but it was later discovered that she was employed by US intelligence agencies at the time of the crash.

Harry’s family even traveled to the US to lobby the president in October 2019 trump card Asked for help, but when they met him in the Oval Office, he revealed that Sacoolas was in a room next door.

Harry’s parents refuse to see hersaying they want her to face criminal proceedings in the UK.

In December 2019, CPS authorised Northamptonshire Police to charge her with causing death by dangerous driving. On Thursday, she pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of causing death by careless driving.

Charlotte Charles says Annie Sacoolas needs to face UK justice system
Harry’s family, including his mum Charlotte Charles, have been fighting for justice for three years

“No one can kill someone and walk away”

Ms Charles said: “No one kills someone and walks away, intentionally or not.

“We knew she didn’t intend to kill Harry, but she did…I assured Harry the night Harry was killed that we would get him justice and it all started from there.”

The U.S. government has consistently refused to extradite Sacoolas to stand trial, but after a year of transatlantic negotiations, she has participated in criminal proceedings remotely.

Tim Dunn said: “Proving that all the heartache and suffering is worth it… Ordinary people from Northamptonshire can take these people and get what they should do and get justice right away”.

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