Allbirds Black Friday 2022 Deals: Up to 50% off Sustainable Shoes

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The plethora of Black Friday deals means there’s plenty of competition for your attention (and wallet), but if there’s one we’re always going to click, it’s Allbirds. The sustainable footwear and activewear company is currently in full-on sale mode, with up to 50 percent off online for men’s and women’s shoes through Dec. 10. 2 — Includes a variety of merino wool styles and never-before-released shoes.

If you’re looking to gift a pair for the holidays, now’s the perfect time to pick up the entire Allbirds collection, but you’ll need to do so by December 12th. 13 (long after the sale ends) for standard shipping to get the sneakers delivered in time for Christmas. Prefer to pick up your Allbirds in-store? The discounts aren’t as big, but the sale does run on longer: From now until the end of the year, you can get 30% off buy one get one free.

Plus, the store now has an extended return policy, so you’ll have plenty of time to try on your new shoes at home. Shop now through December. 24 can be returned by January. twenty two.

We’ve rounded up our top picks from the sale below so you can shop while sizes are still in stock. Love the style, but not the fit: There are tons of sizes available for both men and women.

Crafted from eucalyptus fiber, these all-weather, everyday sneakers are perfect for vacationing in warm weather this winter (or saving up for warmer days to come). Lightweight construction and a great midsole keep you and your feet comfortable and cushioned wherever you go.

These walking, errand, and commuting shoes are perfect for the muddy days of the season, thanks to the splash-resistant high-top and Puddle Guard technology in the merino wool upper that also keeps them out of water.

Looking forward to spring and summer instead of winter slush? Designed for “recreational running,” these Tree Dashers are perfect for those of us who love cardio but aren’t quite marathon runners. The eucalyptus fiber construction also keeps things light and easy.

The famous ZQ merino wool running shoe made Allbirds a hit, and now you can get these walking, errand, commuting sneakers for less.

trail runner SWT

These shoes are designed for wet-weather trail running, thanks to a super grippy sole and a sock-like collar that keeps trail grit and branches from throwing you off your stride. They’re made with a merino wool-blend upper and eucalyptus fibers to sustainably keep your feet warm and dry in wet conditions.

Thanks to their super-cushioned midsole, these slip-on sneakers will get you out and about in no time, whatever your day demands. The cozy merino wool upper is perfect for cold-weather walks around the block and holiday shopping.

Look no further than these sneakers, which are designed for all-day comfort—whether taking you from 9 to 5 or walking you through an airport terminal on a travel day.

If you wear cuffed jeans when it’s cold, you’ll want to protect your ankles with these comfy shoes. Merino wool construction features a water-resistant Puddle Guard and a non-slip surface so you can wear them on wet winter mornings.

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