AI can be used to provide ‘personalized learning’ for schoolchildren, says Rishi Sunak Tech News

Artificial intelligence (AI) could be used to provide “personalized learning” for children in schools, the prime minister said.

Rich Sunak explain educate is one of his favorite public services artificial intelligencepotential shift, adding that it could “reduce teachers’ workload” by assisting with lesson planning and grading.

He said the technology’s potential to provide “personalized learning for everyone” was “very powerful”, compared to the impact of having a tutor.

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AI is becoming more powerful and accessible as schools and universities grapple with rapid developments in how to manage it.

Last month, the principal warned against large language systems such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT and google bard development “too fast” and Guidance on how classrooms should adapt is not keeping up.

These models are trained on large amounts of data so they can understand and respond to cues. They produce everything from convincing papers to presentations, and some schools and universities in other countries have banned them.

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PM: AI can help reform public services

Mr Sunak was keen to harness the potential of artificial intelligence, saying it “could help achieve the holy grail of public service reform”.

It could also revolutionize healthcare, he said Monday morning, speaking at London Tech Week.

He added: “We’ve already seen the promise of AI, whether it’s discovering new drugs; or helping doctors perform surgery more accurately and faster; or spotting cancer earlier than would otherwise be possible.”

Mr Sunak said the technology would be useful across the economy, with “basically every job having AI as a co-pilot”.

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Sunak talks Johnson at tech week

The prime minister wants the UK to become a global hub for AI development and regulation.

In the past month, he Bosses with tech giants including OpenAI and Google parent AlphabetDiscuss the sudden explosion of artificial intelligence across the economy.

The government then announced the UK would host a global summit in the autumn to discuss regulatory “guardrails” to mitigate risks from future technology, which Mr Sunak linked to COP climate summit.

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Ahead of London Tech Week, Sky News has revealed Mr Sunak is looking for a tech entrepreneur who is the co-founder of music industry business Songkick Leading a £100m working group known as the Foundational Modeling Working Group (FMT).

FMT was established to accelerate the adoption of safe AI models in the UK.

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