Additional Shem Creek Boat Landing Parking Gets Local Business Owners Excited

Mt. Pleasant, S.C. (WCSC) – As the city purchases a new piece of land near Shem Creek Boat Landing, nearby business owners hope the extra parking spaces will help with traffic.

The Charleston County Parks and Recreation Commission purchased a 0.53-acre site for $1.9 million to expand the parking space.

Many popular nearby bars, restaurants and shops regularly see overflow from moored boats flowing into their car parks.

Shannon Gallo, owner of Oyster Candle Company and Coastal Gifts near Shem Creek Boat Landing, said it would be nice if there were more parking opportunities.

“There are so many boaters in the area, it’s taking up other spaces for people who want to shop and things like that,” Gallo said. “There should be something for them and for us, especially the restaurants around here, and as it grows, they should definitely have more opportunities to attract customers.”

The purchase includes two sites adjoining the Simons Street Dockyard. Initial plans to expand the parking lot are already underway, according to the release.

The local pub, the Saltwater Cowboys, has the largest parking lot on Shem Creek, but it’s still often full, according to Saltwater Cowboys operations and employee relations employee Michael Brown.

“Having people come here and have more access to parking so they don’t have to worry about this frustration is going to be exciting, especially when you’re hungry and you’re sitting here an hour looking for parking,” Brown said.

Gallo hopes the extra parking spaces will attract more visitors to explore the area.

“If people know there are more parking options, then they’re more likely to come down and visit the area more often,” she said.

The boat landing site will also undergo previously planned accessibility and drainage improvements, and the existing parking lot will be resurfaced this winter.

“I just think overall it’s going to be a really good thing. It’s been a problem since I’ve worked here the last couple of years; in terms of people coming in and coming into the community behind us and keep telling us ‘we need ‘More parking spaces’ is definitely an issue, and we have the largest parking lot in the area,” Brown said. “That will be an added advantage for us.”

The city said additional parking will be resurfaced this winter.

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