ACS issues technology integration certificates to local teachers | Status

A group of local school teachers underwent a technology integration program to transform the learning environment in their classrooms.

Alexandria City Schools awarded five teachers this week for completing a technical competency training course. School leaders announced the achievement at their regular Board of Education meeting on Tuesday, September 20.

ACS Technology Integration Specialist Brigitte McCawley explained to the school board a program called “Coaching Cycle” that several teachers are involved in. The program is designed to allow teachers to assess their classroom practices and environments to assess how best to integrate technology.

“That’s where my role interweaves and overlaps with the academic side,” Macaulay said. “Because if our pedagogy, curriculum design and environment are not suitable for true technology integration, including classroom management, including social [and] Emotional skills, all of which don’t work. “

The tutoring cycle stems from the school system’s continuous improvement technology integration model, which the school system implements in 2021.

“it [The Coaching Cycle] This is organized around three intentionally proposed areas, namely Academic Standards Alignment Conservation Integration, Student-Centered Component Conservation Integration and Academic Engagement Conservation Integration,” Macaulay said.

Those certified include: Benjamin Russell High School Teacher Sarah Ray; Lynda Chick, Stephens Elementary Teacher; Caitlin Harrell, Radney Elementary Teacher; Scarlette Atchison, Radney Elementary Teacher and Abegale Faust, Radney Elementary Teacher.

One of the accredited teachers, Lynda Chick, has sites in her classroom that meet the SPED program’s alternative grade standards. McAuley said Chick plans to use the ideas she gets from the mentoring cycle program to be a mentor to other SPED teachers.

The coaching cycle program will be extended this school year, and some teachers have already received invitations.

Outside of the mentoring cycle, the school system also has media specialist collaboration and strategic planning. Macaulay said the collaboration involved research on how to improve the media center.

“What we want to do is that those media hubs should be what they should be, which is a learning hub for our schools, not just a learning hub for students, teachers and the community,” Macaulay said.

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