31 Great New Year’s Gifts for Book Lovers in 2022

Holiday shopping for book lovers is as easy as opening a book. From bestsellers to classics and everything in between, new titles are always appreciated, but why stop there?

We asked four book experts to share their favorite gifts for the literary lovers on your list, including totes, mugs, stickers, reading glasses, and more that are sure to earn you a 5-star review. For more ideas? Check out our favorite gift ideas for men, gift ideas for women, Amazon gifts, and super practical gifts.

Book Corner Reading Valet

“Designed for readers who always have a hot drink and phone by their side, this stand keeps your book turned to the correct page without bookmarks and keeps your coffee mug, tea or hot chocolate in place with space Put your glasses or your phone,” fans of TikTok’s literature-focused subcommunity #BookTok may know Alex Aster, who has more than 1 million followers on social media. “The perfect addition to a reader’s bedside table.”

For anyone who loves to read in bed, this handy, bendable neck light might just be a life-changer. Featuring three color modes (yellow, warm white, and cool white), three brightness levels, and up to 80 hours of light from the included rechargeable battery, it’s also great for camping or hands-free maintenance.

Star Wars fans won’t be able to wait to read it when you give it this LEGO stormtrooper light book with movable arms, hands, legs and head. It has two bright LED lights, can run on batteries or via a USB cable, and clips to any book, notebook, or magazine.

Book lovers will make room on their bedside tables for this fun lamp that closes to look like a closed book but transforms into an open book light. Rechargeable, comes with a USB cable, and users can choose from warm yellow, white, green, blue and red lights.

Obvious States Kate Chopin Literary Tote

“A bookworm can never have too many handbags,” says Resh Susan, whose blog Bookbags contains musings on books, culture, movies, and more. She adds that bags from Obvious State are “sturdy, stylish and a book lover’s dream.”

Boxwalla Book Subscription Service

“For those striving to explore world literature, there’s nothing better than subscribing to Boxwalla,” says Susan, noting that the company features “underrated treasures, translations and new You can even mix it with something like a beauty box for an indulgent gift.” The monthly gift box includes two books, while the non-subscription limited-edition box may come with a book, plus beauty products or a notebook.

Gift Republic 100 Book Bucket List Scratch Poster

“Not only is this poster beautiful and worth reading, but it also provides 100 of the best books to read,” says Leslie Murphy, whose blog She Reads Romance Reads Romance Books) offers recommendations, reviews, book lists, new books, quizzes, and tomorrow. “Plus, it provides a really interesting way to track a person’s reading achievement.”

Kate Spade New York Canvas Tote

“No book lover can leave a library or bookstore with just one book,” Murphy said. “I love this book-themed tote, it’s perfect for bringing home the latest book.”

Young them up with a fun t-shirt that reads “Read: What All the Cool Kids Are Doing”. This fun gift is available in onesie, toddler, and teen styles, as well as adult sizes and over a dozen colors.

Into the Unforgiving Woods by Joanna Ruth Meyer

Stephanie Whitman, blogger for The Espresso Edition, says she aims to cater to those looking to “simplify their lives and find peace through comfort, reading and lots of good coffee.” Hygge home decor and recipe advice. She called Into the Unforgiving Woods, a fantastical fairytale that blends romance, horror and magic, her “favorite book of all time”.

Homesick Book Club Candles

“For me, a big part of reading is the atmosphere,” Esther said. “Especially in the fall and winter, I love to have candles around. These are beautiful and smell like cinnamon and vanilla, perfect for making you want to curl up with a new book.” Homesick is one of our favorite candle brands .

Apple Airpods Pro 2

“A pair of Apple AirPods Pro with Active Noise Cancellation is a must-have for audiobook listeners so they can enjoy their great stories,” Murphy said.

For those who like to listen to books, a monthly subscription to the Audible service will be very popular. The service includes thousands of audiobooks, podcasts and original shows. Want to hear it for yourself? Try a 30-day free trial and cancel anytime.

Let your book-loving friends display their favorite literature as a shaded framed print featuring their favorite titles. High-quality prints of first edition books feature birch frames, measure 16.25″ x 12.25″, and come in a variety of options, from The Adventures of Tom Sawyer to The Wizard of Oz.

High-tech meets Luddite in this highly-rated laptop case for the 13-inch MacBook Air. Made of durable PU leather, it’s a must for the literary lover on your list.

Young readers will love this fun library card themed pillow that can be personalized for them or their entire family. Add parents as authors, family names as titles, add up to seven borrowers, and display names and birthdays as due dates for truly unique gifts.

Wamsole Adhesive Index Labels, 1,200 Count

“A staple in my reading life is sticky tabs, which turn annotated books into works of art,” says Susan. “They also ensure that rereading of your favorite books is more enjoyable.” The set includes 1,200 colorful index tabs.

CNN Underscore Best Test

Kindle Paperwhite Essentials Bundle

This ultra-thin, lightweight Kindle is waterproof (perfect for pool or tub use), has an anti-glare display, 8GB of storage, has a built-in adjustable light, and comes with a leather case and power adapter. Santa, we promise we’re alright. We even named it the best budget e-reader.

English major on your gift list? Stuff their stockings with a pair of black and white socks. One sock lists once-banned titles (such as 1984, Native Son, and The Catcher in the Rye), while the other shows titles that have been blacked out. Available in small and large sizes.

Neon Angel Studio Slim LED Reading Light

“For those who like to read at night, here’s a solution to squinting in limited light: a light-up screen for reading in bed, on a plane, or in a car,” Aster said. Plus, she adds, “It’s super thin and light, so you or the readers in your life can travel with it with ease.”

bookmark magazine

“Every book lover needs a reading diary, and this #Booktok diary gives readers the space to set reading goals, keep track of book recommendations, and review the books they find through TikTok,” Murphy said. “It also includes a list of the most popular titles on #Booktok.”

Never Enough Book Sticker

“I think book stickers are the best and most affordable Christmas gift for book lovers,” Murphy said. “They’re cute, fun, and can do just about anything. Plus, you can mix and match different designs.”

find me coffee mug at the library

Whitman called the gift “the ultimate coffee mug for a library lover like me.” This 11-ounce, dishwasher-safe ceramic mug features a wraparound graphic and is available in classic or tall.

Ever wish the classic fairy tales you grew up with were more inclusive? This creative set features reimagined favorite stories and includes a book, playset and characters. Choose from Snow White’s Candy Store, Jack and the Giants General Store, Rhett’s Animal Hospital, and Pinocchio’s Puppet Theatre.

Prospect Blue Light Filter Glasses

“Blu-ray blocking glasses are the perfect gift for a book lover who loves to read late into the night because they just can’t put them down,” says Murphy. “Not only do these look stylish, but they help prevent eye strain and reflect blue light, which can disrupt a person’s sleep cycle.”

If you know someone who likes to start their day with a quick read and a cup of espresso, consider this ceramic mug. On the one hand: the definition of “phobia” (fear of running out of reading material). On the other hand: “Coffee, read, sleep, repeat.” Available in 11- and 15-ounce sizes, it’s available in white or white with black accents.

Fable coffee grounds

Combining books and coffee, the company roasts its beans in small batches in Maryland and has interesting literary names for the beans it roasts. Whitman says the dark chocolate Addie, named after VE Schwab’s protagonist, is “the tastiest coffee ever named after one of my favorite book characters.”

Universal Pictures has acquired the rights to Astor’s 2022 release “Lightlark,” which centers on a once-in-a-century rivalry between the rulers of six kingdoms, each afflicted by a deadly curse. To break their curse, they must fight each other to the death, and amidst it all is Isla Crown, who tries to get out of the game alive when she finds herself trapped by romantic entanglements.

Beach Preppy Crew Neck Sweatshirt

“As seen on supermodel Bella Hadid, this Strand New York City sweatshirt represents one of the most iconic bookstores in the country,” says Aster. “Bonus: very comfortable.”

DecalGirl Kindle Paperwhite skin

“If you’re buying from a reader who prefers a Kindle to a hardcover, check out these Kindle Paperwhite skins, which I discovered via @thebooksiveloved book influencer Pauline,” says Aster. “I’m partial to peach, but there are many colors and designs to choose from.”

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